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Inspiring others to do great work, and lead their best lives!

About Us


A professional commitment to personal integrity and intentional partnerships

Our philosophy of doing business mirrors our personal and professional commitment to staying in partnership with everyone with whom we have an ongoing relationship.  Whether you are an individual or part of an organization where we are coaching, training or consulting, a fellow Board or Task Force Member, a networking colleague or a friend, here’s what being in partnership with you means to us.

You can count on us to…

  • Give you our honest thoughts, perspective and feedback
  • Help you sort out what is working for you, and what is not – and together, develop a plan to take you from where you are toward where you want to be
  • Help you see “what else is possible” for you personally or for your organization
  • Consistently bring the best of who we are and what we know to the table
  • Reliably follow through on the commitments we make to you
  • Hold ourselves and you accountable for results in a respectful, collaborative way
  • Have your back, listen well, ask thoughtful questions and hold up the reflective mirror when appropriate
  • Be with you for the long haul and be there when you need us

Our Toolbox

We are highly experienced in a range of workforce, leadership, personal development and executive coaching techniques and methods.


  • Lumina Spark Personality Assessment (Ginger)
  • Lumina 360 (Ginger)
  • The Leadership Circle Profile™ – A 360 degree leadership feedback instrument: Executive & Manager versions are available (David)
  • The Leadership Circle Collective Leadership Assessment (David)
  • Martha Beck Institute Master Life Coach (Ginger)
  • The Organization Workshop (Ginger and David)
  • EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 Assessments – Emotional Intelligence (Ginger)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Ginger and David)
  • FIRO-B® (Ginger and David)

Other tools in the toolbox:

  • Immunity-to-Change™ model/framework with individuals and teams (Ginger and David)
  • Immunity-to-Change™ coaching (David and Ginger)
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team assessment
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Instrument
  • The Platinum Rule
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