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Assessment Coaching

Assessments are often completed and debriefed as part of Executive Coaching work.  We also do Assessment Coaching with people interested in a one-time coaching and debrief meeting tied to an assessment offered through our business. Team Assessment Coaching is a great option as well, especially for teams focused on doing a better job of effectively managing conflict.

Here are five things we recognize about people who are high achieving and emotionally intelligent.  They are . . .

  • Steadfast believers in being lifelong learners
  • Curious about understanding “what makes people tick”
  • Self-aware and unafraid of taking a look at their strengths and development areas
  • Open to looking at and thinking about information that assessments can provide
  • Willing to work with a coach to debrief the assessment and consider next steps for personal and professional development.

Learn more about the possibilities of Assessment Coaching for you or your team by checking out the information below.  Contact us if you have questions or want to get started with an assessment we offer.

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