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Kind Words

David and Ginger, the WardGreen Group, are working with the start-up companies at the Union River Center for Innovation. They provide individual leadership and management coaching to our companies, and lead development seminars that are open to the public. They are experienced, knowledgeable, informative and ask great questions. And they are nice people and easy to work with! The seminars have covered a wide range of topics from Exploring Resilience in the time of COVID-19, Managing Conflict, and Guiding People Through the Early Stages of Starting a Business. Workshops are always informative. We look forward to another year of working with Ginger and David as do our entrepreneurs.

Kat Taylor
Past Director, Union River Center for Innovation

The WardGreen Group facilitated our Building Partnerships Workshop, which helps organizations move through change. Ginger is the best I know at creating an environment in which people can be challenged to grow and learn. David is great in front of a group and brings with him vast business experience. What a team!

Marsha Clark
President, Marsha Clark & Associates
Dallas, TX

I first worked with David and Ginger in the early 2000’s.  They created and executed on a management training program for middle and upper level management, for a financial institution I worked with.  David and Ginger provided amazing resources, allowing for my personal growth as a manager and leader. Fast forward 12 years, and they brought the same passion, skills, and coaching to a Community Destination Academy we hosted in the Moosehead Region.  Management is best taught through modeling of leadership behaviors and traits, providing guidance, and through mentoring. David and Ginger bring their diverse background to the table and help you work through the issues of change, defining the needs of your group, and in helping create an environment conducive to growing leaders.

David and Ginger helped a community seeking leadership capacity acknowledge their weaknesses, capitalize on their skills, and build a path towards transitional leadership within the region.  The Moosehead Lake Region greatly benefited from their time, their guidance, and most importantly, their commitment to helping communities and leaders be the best version of themselves.

Chris Winstead
Former Executive Director
Piscataquis County Economic Development Council

I recommend investing in the Lumina Spark assessment with Ward Green Group to anyone interested in self-development. Colorful, engaging, and challenging, its lessons are broadly applicable in personal and professional spheres. 

Greatly influenced by Ginger Green’s understanding of human behavior and patient walk through the portrait with me, the Lumina Spark assessment stands out as the most helpful assessment experience I’ve had.The Lumina Spark portrait provides a snapshot of the “here and now” and uses the language of color to map behavioral preferences. Unlike many other assessments, which can present traits as innate and carved in stone, Lumina Spark highlights growth opportunities and encourages subjects to explore beyond preferences and defaults. The core message is one of potential and how we may grow through our personal choices.

The portrait accurately described me, and Ginger’s insight provided a much deeper understanding of what it revealed, including areas of strength I downplay or overlook and areas that can provide me with a greater range of qualities if I choose to invest in them.

I immediately benefited from an increased awareness of my “overextended” traits and how to manage them using areas of strength that I would not necessarily have turned to before. My ability to see when others may be overextended has also improved, allowing me to be a better supporter and ally.

Because the components are unique in their presentation, working with someone trained on this tool is critical if you plan to use it beyond “assessment” into future growth. It’s sprawling, uses many unique terms, and can be confusing without a guide to interpret the results and explain how everything relates. Lumina Spark also includes worksheets for using the portrait in “real life” situations. Though I required a demonstration to understand how to use them, they have a ton of potential. (I plan to print and laminate one of them because I can envision using it all the time.) k experience has increased my self-awareness and provided a framework for continued positive growth and change. Ginger’s wisdom and counsel have provided me with an excellent set of new tools, which I appreciate more keenly every day. It has been an excellent investment in my personal growth.

Lumina Spark provided a portrait of me using a colorful palate of behaviors and qualities. Ginger handed me an array of brushes and helped me see the enormity of the canvas, on which this portrait is just the start. 

Monique Bouchard
Monique Bouchard Design
Old Town, Maine

My path in executive management has had a lot of ups and downs and so I was asking for training to improve myself and my ability as a leader. I had to resort on learning from previous leaders on how to be a leader, needless to say that was not effective.

I had received training before and after the training I picked a few things from them and made them work for me. Excited that I this coaching was specifically for me, I consciously made an effort on immerse myself in it, to place my trust in what I was being coached on and for me, giving my trust to anyone is very hard. The first time I talked to David (via phone call) on coordinating the details of the training, I thought I was speaking to Sean Connery. Through my “360-degree assessment”, I worked with David on placing together an action plan for coaching objectives to develop my leadership skills. It was rather hard for me to admit that I had deficiencies as a leader, but the action plan gave me the ability to start working on them.

As I worked over a year with David on the executive coaching, I felt very good inside. It helped me create a leadership vision for myself, and I used that information to help the managers create their own leadership vision for themselves and their team.

I thank David for having patience and guiding me through his coaching. David is very knowledgeable, insightful, empathetic and easy to work with. In that year working with David, I developed greater awareness of my effect on others, I grew as a leader and made a friend along the way.

David Alvarez
Director of On-boarding

One of the things I most appreciate about Ginger, is her ability to develop connections with clients.  During our first session, Ginger asked me what concerns I had about working with a coach. I said, “Well, I am a bit concerned you may not have the qualifications that I am looking for in a coach.” I was completely serious. Ginger and I erupted in contagious laughter.  Immediately, I knew that Ginger and I would work exceptionally well together. And, we have. Ginger has provided me with fresh perspectives and creative insight, which has allowed me to address complex challenges within my leadership role in a large organization.  Using her intuitive insights, Ginger has shined light on areas that were previously dark to me. When I was faced with a major crisis at work, Ginger walked me through each twist and turn, holding me up, offering suggestions, and always letting me lead and learn for myself.  Since working with Ginger, I have learned ways to be a more compassionate and assertive leader. I have increased my job satisfaction AND my personal resilience.  I prioritize self-care and self-love, and each day I open my arms to embrace the good, bad, and beautiful.  Ginger has taught me the true meaning of equanimity—even my family notices.  I absolutely recommend Ginger as a coach.  She is without a doubt qualified! 

Kelly Pennell PhD, PE
University of Kentucky
Lexington KY

David and Ginger coached our organization to help ourselves. During our Strategic Planning process, we knew what we wanted to accomplish, but needed help figuring out the steps that would get us there.  They helped us with both big-picture thinking and logistical details, such as how meetings would be run, what questions should be asked, and how to best run an effective process. They helped us create a safe environment in which people could speak openly and honestly and coached us in how to be better facilitators.  We look forward to collaborating with them in the upcoming years.

Lisa Roy
Associate Vice President/Chief Technology Officer
Maine Maritime Academy
Castine, Maine

As someone who works in higher education, the Organization Workshop pointed out to me that I’m often a “Top, Middle, & Bottom” on a regular basis.  Dynamics in the workplace can put colleagues at odds with each other at almost any turn.  The Organization Workshop “takes the lid off” the top of an organization and shows people what really might be going on underneath that most likely has nothing to do with the company’s day-to-day business or operation.  It holds a mirror up highlighting the organizational behavior within a company and gives insight into what’s potentially holding its people back.

Edward Goguen
New England School of Communications
Bangor, Maine

I have had the pleasure to work with David for almost twelve years. During that time, he ran leadership development workshops for my managers. He ran organizational strategy sessions for our company. For the last five years, David has been coaching my management team and he has also been my executive coach.

As an executive coach, David has been extremely valuable by developing my vision around various organizational dynamics and strategies. You will feel comfortable and safe to talking to him. If you are looking for a non-biased confidant, who has worked though all of these organizational subtleties – David is your guy.  He will work on how to make your best attributes work better for you and can also make you see your blind spots to help you to improve on them.

As a managerial coach, he strikes an easy rapport with your managers. If you are responsible for a managerial team, David can get straight to issues that you possibly cannot. Meaning your team will speak of topics he or she will probably not want to tell their “boss.”  He has the knowledge and tools to work with new supervisors and re-adjusting tenured managers.  

Plus he has really cool accent and a good golf game.

Bottom line. David has really helped me become a better executive, leader and has made a very positive impact on the organization. That’s what it all about.

Christopher D. Nichols
Former Vice President Seven Islands Land Company, Retired
Bangor, Maine

Ginger is a dedicated, insightful Life Coach and has truly found her calling.  I have felt safe sharing some of my deepest fears that were received by her with utter compassion, care and kindness.  Ginger’s ability to help me answer my own questions is amazing! She is diligent about looking inside herself which only deepens her compassion for others.  If you are fortunate to work with Ginger, your life will be enhanced immeasurably.

Sandy Nadjm

The WardGreen Group provided our team with the guidance we needed to meet our challenges. The advance preparation by David and Ginger was impressive.  This is a team we can rely on for support in the future.

Deborah Emery
Head of School/ Superintendent
Maine Arts Academy
Sidney, Maine

David was my executive coach for 8 months. In that time he did a “360” evaluation, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Thomas Kilmann assessments and helped me see some of my “blind spots”. From there we worked on both tasks and relationships to help me become a better leader. David made a huge difference in my life and I am very grateful.

Dr Brian Roth
Former Program Director
Cooperative Forestry Research Unit
University of Maine, Orono

Ginger Ward-Green coached me in connection with a national coaching certification program that has a “Live it to Give it” standard where trainees must coach and be coached on real life issues. I also observed her coaching other trainees as part of our training.

As a coach trainee, client or observer, I was always in awe of Ginger’s ability to get right to the client’s underlying limiting mindset, including my own. Her depth of experience and training combined with her gentle but intentional communication skills make her an effective problem solver who brings a variety of tools to bear on personal and business obstacles.

Candace M. Pollock, Esq.

We’ve been privileged to have David staff The Power Lab for over 20 years as an anthropologist and facilitator. During that time, he’s moved from team member to becoming a superb team leader who sensitively mentors others on the team. David is instrumental in delivering insightful reports that help participants understand how to make a difference in complex systems. David is a consummate professional who is committed to people’s growth and development and to their organization’s success.

Karen Oshry
President, Power + Systems Inc.
Boston, MA

The WardGreen Group, David and Ginger, have an innate ability to assess and evaluate the challenges facing both the nonprofit and for profit businesses in this very ever-changing economic environment.  They are “deliberately inviting” to all of those who participate in their workshops and trainings. They create a safe environment where people can feel confident that every person and every opinion matters.  The results of their involvement with Charlotte White Center for over 10 years have been nothing but positive.

Dick Brown
Former CEO, Charlotte White Center, Retired
Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Seven Islands Land Company has worked with The WardGreen Group since 2008. We’ve used them several times for team development, for executive coaching and for strategic planning. The results have consistently met or exceeded my expectations. David and Ginger are very knowledgeable about management consulting and leadership development and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their clients.

John McNulty, Past President
Seven Islands Land Company
Bangor, Maine

At Thomas College, we are laser-focused on turning our students into future leaders.  We know that David and Ginger bring to the table the kind of national and international experience that our students need.

The WardGreen Group’s real-world facilitation assists our students in getting to know themselves, their task teams, and the world around them.  That’s why we turn to The WardGreen Group year after year.

Dr. James D. Libby
Academic Dean, Thomas College
Waterville, ME

I am one of the start-ups associated with the Union River Center for Innovation in Ellsworth, ME. I’ve had the pleasure to connect regularly with both Ginger and David this past year, and discuss many topics associated with starting a new business. They understand the challenges and have years of experience to help me navigate the unknown. I feel completely at ease discussing my fears and it has been like having my own “business therapy” to help me learn to help myself with their sound guidance. Ginger and David are a wonderful sounding board and are so easy to speak with. I have much to learn and it is a wonderful resource that I treasure to help me grow as a business owner.

Laura Lockwood
Co-Founder, Gel Hydration Technologies,

Temecula CA

In my previous role as Director of Development and Sales for BRCC, Ginger and David Green were regular presenters at the BRCC Success Seminar series, and they consistently drew some of our largest crowds for their presentations!  They shared very thought-provoking and relevant subject matter, which was ultimately designed to empower staff members and strengthen leaders within their companies.  As a facilitator I’ve been through their seminars several times, and yet I always took away new knowledge which I implemented in both my business and my personal life.  In my opinion, Ginger and David of the Ward Green Group are representative of the highest standard of excellence in executive leadership coaching and staff development. 

Brian Cotlar
Former Director of Development and Sales
Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce
Bangor, Maine

David and Ginger presented a session at a recent Maine Recreation and Park Association workshop in Brewer, Maine.  The session was titled: “Communicating Well Across the Great Divide-How Understanding Personality Styles Can Strengthen Relationships and Increase Team Effectiveness”.

The energy was high in the room as the professionals tried to figure out why it was so easy to get along with some folks and so difficult to get along with others.  Ginger and David facilitated the session with open ended questions which allowed the participants to come to their own conclusions about their communication styles. Participants gave this session high ratings. It was a great way to end the day long workshop

Deb Smith
Executive Director
Maine Recreation and Parks Association
Scarborough, Maine

The Organization Workshop was the best workshop I have ever attended…!

Lisa Tilton
Bangor Savings Bank

Bangor, Maine

In our work together (with Ginger), I gained a sense of agency and realization of where I had the power to make choices.  I feel like our work was so personally meaningful to me that it’s hard for me to come up with a blurb to describe it…

Jennifer Lipka

I attended the seminar “Exploring Resilience in the Time of Covid-19 – Building Skills to Cope with Adversity.” As supervisors we are required to take two trainings a year related to supervision and this was by far one of the most useful I have attended.  

Tamar Perfit Mathieu
Executive Director, Rape Response Services, Department Director, Family Enrichment Services
Bangor, Maine

The Organization Workshop is different from any other team building experience I’ve ever had. It gave me a unique insight into the hierarchy of systems that run through every organization. I now have a much better understanding of how to communicate with the people I must manage, collaborate with my peers and respond to my managers in the most proactive way. Such a valuable experience!  Thank you!”

Kelly Scheetz
Investment Associate – UBS Financial Services

On several occasions, I have had the wonderful opportunity to participate in forums facilitated by the Ward-Green Group and been thoroughly impressed.
Most recently, I took part in the “OW” exercise.  The day’s program, the engagement that resulted from all volunteers and the quick-thinking challenges culminated in fabulous results for our team and it was great fun, too!
The exercises developed by the Ward-Green Group and all collaborators were powerful and created a strong sense of teamwork within a short time-span.  I highly recommend their programs.

Cynthia Largay Bergin
Camden National Bank

My work with David has been nothing but a positive experience for both personal and professional growth. The experience provided honesty and insight into my own abilities, but also gave me insight into how others perceive me. With this knowledge David has given me confidence and equipped me the tools needed to excel in a professional environment and bring about increased job satisfaction.

Ian Prior
Seven Islands Land Company

Ginger was brought in to provide group as well as individual leadership development and coaching to our Senior Management team during an extremely stressful, challenging time for our organization and this team. Our long term chief executive was preparing to retire, and the decision makers on this team were coping with a financial deficit that required closing programs and laying off employees. Professional relationships were stressed during this very difficult time, but Ginger very skillfully and gracefully facilitated extremely difficult group conversations that helped move our work along despite the stress and strain we experienced. In addition to her skillful interpersonal and group facilitation, she provided organizational training resources that increased our understanding and insight about our specific roles and organizational dynamics. We were given the option to receive individual professional coaching as well. I received the benefit of Ginger’s skillful professional and life coaching that helped guide me through significant changes in both my career and in my life. Her intuitiveness, genuine caring and wise words have continued providing positive ripple effects on a day to day basis, both professionally and also personally. Truly, her work has been a “gift that keeps on giving”. 

Kerry Sack
Past Director of Development
Charlotte White Center
Bangor, Maine

Being in the business of leadership development, The WardGreen Group has been vital in our mission.  The subject matter they offer is engaging, insightful and immediately applicable. The benefits are long lasting for organizations large and small.  It’s common to hear our graduates refer to what they’ve learned from the modules they’ve presented.

The material offered is relevant to how business is conducted today. Presented professionally and clearly, The WardGreen Group delivers on all fronts and is a worthwhile investment in your organization’s culture. Their body of work is so effective, we have utilized their expertise year after year.  They are that good.

Ed Troscianiec
Past Chair, Bangor Region Leadership Institute

The Ward-Green Group helped our Executive Leadership team to recognize our own individual strengths and accept the fact we all have different leadership styles but collectively our goals and strategic vision would help us succeed as a team!  The team and individual coaching we received provided me with the opportunity to grow in my professional development and to better understand my peers and how to support them in my role.

Bridgett Ireland
HR Director (now Human Resources Manager – Recruitment & Training, Penquis)
Charlotte White Center
Dover-Foxcroft, Maine
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