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Executive Coaching

Gilis, our one-eyed border collie.
My best friend has a blind spot, and doesn’t know it.

This is my best friend, our Border Collie, Gilis. Gilis was born with a genetic defect and has only one eye. He has a blind spot that we can see, and of which he is not aware. In our family we accommodate his disability by working around it.

Many of us have psychological blind spots. These blind spots can lead to conflict and frustration and can limit our effectiveness in our work and our relationships.

We believe that everyone wants to be a high performer, and in all parts of life. In our work doing executive coaching, we find that the areas that give clients the most trouble are usually related to things about themselves that they are not aware of. . . their own blind spots. Executive Coaching can help with that.

Executive Coaching supports the process to become a more effective leader or team member and to create a better life outside of work.

Coaching clients have come to us for help with…

  • Developing strategic leadership skills
  • Increasing power, leadership and influencing skills
  • Managing difficult people (bosses, staff members, colleagues and customers)
  • Developing leadership “bench strength” throughout the organization
  • Passed over for promotion – picking self up, and moving on
  • Working through change, transition and loss and coming out “whole” on the other side
  • Job and career burn-out — sorting out options and a plan for the future
  • Developing skills associated with Emotional Intelligence, especially related to managing conflict and differences with others
  • Digging down through limiting beliefs and letting them go
  • Making life and business changes, and making those changes “stick”
  • Creating a vision and plan for a full, happy life after retirement

How Does Executive Coaching Get Done?

We offer short and longer-term coaching options. Coaching sessions are generally 60 minutes long.  If you are a local client, face-to-face coaching meetings are available either in an office setting or outside if it’s a nice day!  We also schedule coaching meetings using Zoom or over the phone.  We are flexible.  This leaves you free to make arrangements to be on the call from wherever you find yourself. You need only make sure you are on the call in a place where you know you can relax, talk openly and not be distracted or interrupted.

Are you tired of feeling stuck? If you are ready to head in a new direction, we can help. Here are three ideas to get you started.

  • Identify people in your life that you trust to have your back and give you honest feedback.
  • Ask them to talk candidly with you about what they see as your blind spots. Ask for specific examples of how your blind spots impact their ability to work and/or live well with you
  • With the feedback you are given, determine your “one big thing” that you are ready to commit to work on changing — the one thing about yourself that if you were to really make progress on it, would be life and career changing.

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