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Moving Beyond New Year’s Resolutions

12 “Truths’’ to Know About Making Change That “Sticks”


10 Action Planning Tips to Get You Started

How would you like to get to the finish line on whatever matters most to you this year?

Research shows that at the start of each new year, about half of all adults in the U.S. make resolutions about the things they most want to change.  By the second week of February, about 75% of these change-seekers have given up on their resolutions.  Whether the resolutions are work-related or more personal, the statistics for success and failure are roughly the same.  YIKES!  Let’s do something to change those odds for you.

Almost everyone has a story of some change they are trying to make.  Here’s a short list of the stories we hear about most often . . .  

  • Want to lose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking. . .
  • Dislike my job and/or the people I work for and with
  • I’m not following through on commitments I have made
  • I’m lonely and not sure what to do about it
  • Feel stuck and unhappy with myself, my life, my work and everything in between
  • Tired of feeling like a doormat – always saying yes to things when what I want to say is no
  • Burned out – I can’t find my way forward and don’t want to stay where I am or where I’ve been

Let’s get off the resolution treadmill. Join us and learn how to say “yes” to the mess of making sustainable changes.

Develop your ability to adjust, adapt and cope with life’s current and future challenges.  Leave with a practical set of action planning tips you can immediately start to build into your everyday routines of life.

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