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Building Trust in the Workplace

Are there people in your organization you’d trust your life to, and others where it seems safer to withhold information?

Is lack of trust one of your organization’s “undiscussables”?  If yes, in what ways does this get in the way of the work of the organization?

In this workshop you will learn. . .

  • A model for understanding trust and betrayal
  • The day-to-day behaviors that build trust and break trust within organizations
  • Steps to help rebuild trust that has been broken
  • A model for talking with others about trust-breaking behaviors and actions

This workshop is designed to help people at all levels develop a common language and a shared understanding of what trust means so that they can discuss trust-related issues and take action in dealing with those issues.  

We will explore the power of trust when it exists, the problems when it does not, and the pain when it is betrayed – and – discover how misread intentions or perceived failure to ‘walk the talk’ translate into unmet expectations, disappointments, broken trust, and betrayals.  

You will have the opportunity to discover the powerful impact that consistently practicing trust-building behaviors can have on business performance and personal relationships. We will also discuss the power that healing of betrayal can have on renewing the spirit of relationships.

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