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Change Happens! Leading Others and Managing Ourselves Through Transition

Change happens! Sometimes, it’s exciting and we welcome it. At other times, change is frightening and leads to sleepless nights. Sometimes we initiate change, and sometimes we are on the receiving end of change put into motion by others. It seems that change is constant in today’s business world and the better we can manage it, the more successful and competitive our organization will be.

Despite the good intentions associated with organizational change, most change initiatives fail to deliver the expected organizational benefits. Research over many years indicates that well over half of major change initiatives fail. Kotter, McKinsey and Blanchard estimate the failure rate for major change initiatives at 70% while  a recent IBM Corporation study reports a failure rate of almost 60%. Much of what goes wrong in change initiatives is caused by poor management of the people side of change.

In this workshop, you will learn about. . .

  • The predictable stages of change and transition
  • Your own typical responses to change, and how those responses are working for or against you
  • How best to influence, build trust and lead others through ongoing cycles of change and transition.

Designed to be interactive, this workshop will give you the opportunity to work on scenarios that deepen your understanding of what it’s like to personally go through change, the universal things everyone experiences in change, and ideas for better managing change projects and the people side of change.

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