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Power, Politics, and Partnership

Do you ever wonder why things go the way they usually do in organizations? Why do tops so often say that the rest of the organization “just isn’t getting it”? Why do the bottoms of the organization seem to have a different focus than everybody else, and why do they seem so suspicious of management? Why do those in the middle role seem to be in chaos so much of the time, and what makes the middle job so stressful? Why are relationships with customers often so adversarial, and why can’t the organization ever seem to give them exactly what they need and want the first time?

Power, Politics and Partnership is a group learning simulation in which participants experience universal conditions, traps, and dilemmas of organizational life. By learning firsthand about these traps, along with solid theory on avoiding them, participants emerge with concepts, methods, and a common language to improve their interaction in any organization.

This workshop places a strong emphasis on peoples’ ability to create and sustain satisfying and productive partnerships. Partnerships are defined as a relationship in which we are jointly committed to the success of whatever process we are in and to each other.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What an organization looks like if partnership permeates throughout
  • What gets in the way of partnership happening, and
  • What it takes to make partnership happen

Who should attend:

Anyone who is curious about the mysteries of organizational life, and who would like to work more effectively with people at all levels of the organization as well as external clients and customers. The workshop is useful for managers at all levels, project managers and individual contributors.

Please note: There is a royalty fee of $500 paid to Power + Systems Inc. to run this simulation

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